Can I get ghosted while flying over an active airport?

I’m currently on a Long-Haul flight from KLAX to EGKK.
Call-Sign: Rednose 7059 (Track)
My question is could I be ghosted while flying over an active airspace while sleeping?
While I am asleep I would be flying over 2 active airspaces: New York and around Ireland before arrival.
Please help, thank you!

I’d say as long as you’re at cruise altitude, you won’t be ghosted. Approach airspace extends to FL180. They shouldn’t be ghosting any aircraft above that altitude; even if you over fly their airspace.


Ok thanks for the heads up! Im at FL330 so I should be fine.

That’s correct! If for some bizarre reason you’re ever ghosted by a controller while you’re asleep and you’ve been at cruise altitude, let one of the moderators know and we’d be glad to assist. 🙂 Enjoy your flight and don’t snore!


Ahah for sure!


As long as you are higher than the airspace your good. For example tap the airspace and it will say the airspace altitude.

IFATC controllers assume all airspace’s reach 5,000 feet above the airport level. If a pilot is planning on flying under that height over the airspace, they must request a transition. The tower controller will give the pilot the minimum height that they are allowed to fly over the airspace.


For an approach controller,if you’re below 18000ft AGL and under 50nm,you should be with him. He would leave you if you’re not conflicting with traffic (In case you’re unable to contact him). If you’ll conflict with traffic, you’ll be most probably ghosted as this was under approach controller airspace (Below 18000 agl,and 50nm radius ).

@DeerCrusher the person is not on expert, IFATC will be far from NY and Ireland

I’m assuming you are on training server since IFATC will not be in that area. With that said, a controller can’t ghost you on the training server. However a rookie controller may spam you with message to contact them, just ignore these.