Can I get ATC Training when Grade 2?

So I am Grade 2 in IF and I really want to improve my ATC skills. I have watched all of the tutorials and everything and checked to make sure nobody has asked this before. I know in order to become an IFATC I need to be Grade 3. I’m not looking to do that. I am just looking for some training from a person skilled in ATC to train me a little bit on how to do everything and what everything means. Any suggestions?

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You could join the ATCEG which will help benefit you! I’ll find the link for you 😊

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@Jack_White Thank you.

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Here you go bud!

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You could also set up an ATC Tracking Thread which you can post in and have flyers attend your sessions and give you feedback!


Hello! ATCEG is more of a social group now, but it’s a good way of asking questions since there are a lot of IFATC controllers there.
Another great way is to open an ATC Tracking thread. This can be found under the ATC section.
There once you say you’re “here” or “there” more and more pilots will come and do some patterns.

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@Oliver02 Thank you. I will make sure to do that.

To answer you question, you can receive training when grade 2. If you want I could help and/or assist you if you want.

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Good feedback from Jack above.
And I agree: it’s best at this stage to read the IFATC tutorials and watch the IFATC training videos on YouTube. And bring what you’ve learned into practice during controlling with a Tracking Thread.

This will give you knowledge and with the help of good feedback on your controlling, you’ll build your skills.

By the time you hit Grade 3, you’re ready for your IFATC test 😉

The ATCEG only accepts trainees who have passed their theory test. Not sure if this is still the case.


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