Can I get a refund

This game used to be amazing, now with the 20.1 update, i can’t even use the map. I have got the hot fix, I have restarted my iPad, and I have deleted and installed infinite flight again. Nothing works. I want a refund.

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If you are experiencing difficulty with Infinite Flight, please allow us the opportunity to help resolve your issue first by contacting us at

Please see below how each App Store handles refunds:

Apple: iTunes policy is that all app sales are final. We are not able to provide refunds, but you may be able to receive a refund by emailing iTunes customer service making your request.

Android: Google Play Store offers a two hour grace period to request a full refund for any purchase. Following the two hour grace period all refunds need to be requested with the developer by providing a complete copy of the receipt which shows the purchase ID beginning with “GPA”. Refunds are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case by case.


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Which device do you have? Because even with the hotfix - older devices will still struggle.

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