Can I fly to Newquay?

I would like to know if I’m allowed to fly commercially to Newquay EGHQ even though it’s in the FNF TFR. The airport is not featured as an FNF hub.

To be honest with you I’d suggest to stay away. It’s too close and may interfere with the operations. The TFR is set around the airport in that distance for a reason. Just abide by the TFR if you plan on entering it.

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I would agree with Asher on this one, I would stay away. If you want, you can always fly on TS1. If you fly over the TFR in a commercial aircraft, that’s ok. Even if you are under 10k descending to a destination outside the TFR. You should be all good.

The problem is that I really wanna go there. There is currently no ATC or people at any airport in the TFR.

But… the TFR is there. Solution is to fly on a different server.

I can’t, because I wish to fly for BAVA and flights for BAVA can only be flown on the expert server.

That doesn’t mean that the airport won’t be opened at some point during your flight and then report you for not obeying the TFR. Even if it’s unlikely, you’re breaking the TFR. I would just stay away and fly tomorrow once the TFR is lifted.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do until region change. You must abide by the TFR at all times.

Then you’re just going to have to fly somewhere else or just wait till tomorrow. BAVA has a giant route network, you have loads of choices.

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Ok fine. But it’s still really annoying that the TFR includes airports which aren’t even featured as a hub. Like this is against the whole idea of “freedom of flying where you want”.

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It’s one day just one you’re acting like it’s the end of the world.


You have until region change. Go explore other places. BAVA has hundreds of cool stuff! Do that to pass the time. ;)


The FNF pulls loads of traffic. Having these TFRs sets the mood. The event wouldn’t be the same if TFRs weren’t in place. Just fly Military! You don’t do it often and it’s great fun!

The region change is in 8 hours. You can wait.

I’d just wait until the TFR passes, no biggie.

You can fly to airport with in the TFR commercially just not to the featured airport. You should be fine.

Little late but this is what misha said to IFATC:

“If their destination is to another airport in the TFR location, please leave them be.”

You can read 18SEP20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Per Ardua Ad Astra

This can be closed as the TFRs have been removed and I can now fly to Newquay 😁

I flagged this for closure for you!

Enjoy your flight to Newquay!