Can I Download Previous Versions?

He s right!! Before that update its runs smoothly!!
I have an galaxy s6 and i had no problems with this game before the update. But now i cant play that. Need we all players an iphone xs max for this game ?? Sry

I don’t think there’s any easy way to revert an update. All we can to is wait for FDS to release stability updates to make the game run smoothly again for your device.

@GatwickGuy the 10R has the same processing power as the 10s and 10s max. It can run IF at max settings with no issues.

I’m using a Samsung Tab S4 for mine. It runs good with the new update just the fact that I can’t see any airplanes around me. It worked fine before the update but I’m positive the devs will address each issue and find a fix for them. There is no doubt in my mind they are hard at work.

Hotfixes are coming, just be patient.

No IT rollout in the history of time has been bug-free.


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