Can I Download Previous Versions?

how do I cancel the new update is there a way to go back to the version before the 19.1 or whatever it is


Unless you have a device where it hasn’t been updated yet then I don’t believe so. Why would you want to go back?

The graphics dont seem to be as good and it freezes in midair it’s never done this before
Why have the graphics changed

You can change your graphics via the settings menu. There’s been a change in the different graphics settings (yours may have reset to worse graphics) and you may need to change them to whatever suits your device.

I’d like too to come back to old version. It is impossible to play after update. On low graphics settings it is freezing and lagging…


Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. That’s what worked for me! In regards to undoing the update I don’t believe there is any way!

I have the problem too. I already unistalled and installed a couple times, but that doesn’t work

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I don’t think your able to go back to the previous version.

Do you have a PC?

Because I think there is a way to do it from a PC

Idk how to do it, but I think it’s possible.

Guys! you want all the new plane, new features and also you want to go backwards?!? Doesn’t make any sense!!! We can’t keep using 4yrs old device and expect amazing games. If people still use old devices forget about new future becouse if devs have problem with current update they won’t make any new features. WHY should they?!? End of the day they want to keep all customer happy not only higher end.(stop asking for cloud and building ****) I understand some ppl can’t afford new devices and they are young, this post is not towards anyone, generally speaking, that’s all


Since I updated it also went slow and I did everything but it does not work, I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)

You are right. So it is a time to develop version for PC, and so it will work with features without lagging on PC. But for smartphones and tablets there are limites in the features…

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If your on an iPhone you can clear the RAM on the device through assistive touch that’s if your on iPhone Or for anyone that is 👍🏻

Mobile games developed towards higher end of models. Ex, Samsung galaxy s7,s8,s10, note. Apples 6, 8, X. Etc

I don’t think apples model R and Samsung model J is for gaming. Maybe good enough for vector games not for 3D and memory utilising games.

Thing is, mobile devices - mainly phones, but tablets too to a certain extent - are only designed to have a relatively short life span. 2 or 3 years is the ‘intended’ maximum, hence why most contracts are 24 months. After that, you have a new phone that is quick again.

Developers have to take this progression into account when building games, especially ones such as Infinite Flight. Power is essential for a simulator. Unfortunately, if you want the best experience in this game then you will need the best devices. Apple’s iPad Pro range and latest iPhones all run this app perfectly; they have the latest and greatest offering from that company. My Samsung Galaxy S10+ runs IF well too, probably because it has the latest specs also. Like I say, this is just how it works. As @GatwickGuy says, this app isn’t designed to be run at 60fps on a Galaxy J or iPhone 5s or whatever. It’s a shame, I know. But that’s the truth of it I’m afraid.

Thing is, this issue is more Android related and has to do with the new graphic settings not the fact that these devices are old. Why did it run good 2 days ago before the update in most devices? I actually just had to quit my flight 10 minutes in because of the annoying lag. I use a S8 and it used to run perfect with all graphics on high before the update. Guess i have to get a new phone now

No need for such extremes. My Pixel 2xl with the same hardware runs better than before… It’s not affecting all devices, and the developer team are working on a fix to this as we speak. They are aware of the issue… Patience is key 🙃

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Thats all i wanted to hear👍

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The iPhone XR is not at all equivalent to the Samsung J series. The iPhone XR is about as capable as the iPhone X, something which the Samsung J series definitely is not.