Can I do a Perth to London flight on a 787-9

Just wondering since I don’t have enough fuel to make it. 0 passenger 0 cargo and full fuel I still can’t make it

I am sure you probably could but you would have to be very lucky with winds.

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One trick is to fly at 26,000ft and use only one engine. DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS THOUGH

I have flown this route 2 times already. You should be fine

It might also be because you fly at M.87

Be sure to use step climb to save fuel and increase efficiency:

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Hey there @Foodtastegood4K you should absolutely be able to fly from PER to LHR with a B789, even with passengers and cargo. QF9 takes about 17 and 1/2 hours to complete so I would recommend about 18 1/2 hours just to be safe (about 212,000lbs of fuel). To be able to complete this ultra-long haul though, you need to ensure that you are flying your aircraft correctly and efficiently to maximize its range.

I’ll link some stuff below that might help you make the most of your experience, happy flying! Links are added based on importance from top (most relative importance) to bottom (least relative importance).

Like @FlightGT linked above ^^^ :)


How bout I do anyway?

A 787 can survive with one engine at cruise, but It doesn’t need to. There are plenty of topics on the IFC that show way better ways to conserve fuel, such as the ones mentioned above. If you don’t want to be quoted on somthing, best not to say it on a thread with someone asking for help :)


Yes. I did it once

And I believe the real aircraft takes 2-3hrs extra. 1 hour is a very small fuel extra. You wouldn’t even manage to make it to Edinburgh… Deviation fuel needs to be decent. And the winds would not be in your favor but that has been said.

Oh and you should be absolutely fine @Foodtastegood4K

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M 0.85 and follow these altitudes. Perth to London is just 17 ish hours so you should have like 4 hours of reserves if you max out fuel.

As a side note, trim doesn’t have an effect on fuel burn in this game so you don’t need to worry about that. I see this floating around a lot but the improvement on most aircraft is essentially negligible and probably well out of statistical significance.


Of course you can just search on IFC for long haul tips

Have done this flight at least twice…with passengers and cargo! The trick is planning, use or in order to produce a flight plan, which includes fuel and weights as well as routing and flight levels so you will have a successful flight.


Oh thanks I didn’t know that, appreciate it man! I mostly fly shorter haul flights with SWA so usually an hour is more than enough for me 😃

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