Can I control an aircraft on IF for Chromebook?

I’ve downloaded IF on my Chromebook and it runs perfectly. But is there a way to control the actual aircraft that I’m flying?

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IF isn’t supported on desktop. It’s a mobile sim. It can and can not work.


I think you need a joystick or something like this. IF is a mobile sim so it can be quite unstable on pc

Would love to hear how you get on with this…


you would need to use a joystick probably since chromebooks don’t have accelerometers built in

you can use this third party app on your phone to control the flight with

Infinite Flight on Chromebook is not supported.

Depending on your Chromebook it may or may not have sensors to control the plane via tilt. Otherwise you need to plug a joystick into the device.

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I’ve tried Infinite Flight before on Chromebooks, and I have somewhat been able to optimize the controls for a Chromebook. However, you’ll probably need a third-party joystick such as IFJoy (stated above). Graphic settings depend on what type of Chromebook you have. Other than that, it should decently work with optimized controls and keybinds.

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