Can I Contribute Airports without a PC?

I would really like to help design airports for global to help get the update out faster. But I don’t have a PC and from what I read, You have to have one. Is there a way I can join airport editing on a tablet ?

No - you need a PC or MAC to edit airports. :)

Global will come out when it’s ready whether all airports are done or not.


If you want to join the airport editor team, send an email to Doesn’t matter if all the airports will be done or not when Global Flight it’s out, we’ll keep doing them though.

Note that the work done by the Airport Editing Project is not directly associated with the work done by FDS and subsequently this has no impact on release dates.


does that mean that the devs have a set time they want it to be released even if all the airports are not done

You need a PC or a Mac.

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I never said that and I don’t know what are you talking about. Global Flight will be released when it’s done, doesn’t matter if all the airports are made by that day or not.

thanks just got confused

The airport editing team doesn’t create the airports, they just rework them to make them more realistic :)

They do create airports if needed.


We actually create (existing) airports, but yes we revamp the airports that are already in the game.


You are right, but almost every airport is already on the database


i know they take the laminar research and edit them so correct me if im wrong but they will edit as much as possible

The stock airports we get are from the X-Plane batch files which are usually poorly done. All we do is make it better by adding accurate taxiways, gates, and the other airport essentials.


Does X-Plane have Global?

On PC, yes, that’s why batch files are available for all airports on earth.

PC obviously haves global, that’s where they take the data for global airports (i think), mobile does not have global

Trying to edit airports on a phone/tablet like…


Keep up the good work, y’all! I can’t believe how many have already hit the list. 🤗


Do the deva even look I do BHM if so.?

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean…if you want to look up wether an airport has been completed or not, you can look it up.