Can i change my IN-GAME name?

well as the topic name suggests, i am just asking if this is possible.

PS: I am not talking bout the name change in IFC.

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Are you referring to your callsign?

Yep, as someone named InfiniteFlightShots mentioned this on his Instagram

Wait, i am not referring to my callsign

I think you’re referring to your display name, which is now based on your IFC name. The only way for that to change is to change your IFC name, which can only be done once.

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Well if thats the case then how i can do it?

Do they need a reason why i need to change my name or… something like that?

PM @moderators. They may or may not ask for a reason. Be prepared to provide one, however.

Well i still have some questions before i need to contact them.

Sure. What’s up?

Well i do think they still need like:

old name-
new name-

or something like that

They don’t need your old name as that is visible from the PM, and the admin settings can be reached directly from your profile. Your request for a new name, however, will need to be given.

Aight thanks, i am just kind of… nervous doing that.

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Don’t be! The mods aren’t scary. Just be respectful and appropriate and all will be good!

Anything else?

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Eh, no more for now hehehe… thanks for ur help anyways

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No worries! Feel free to PM me if you need anything else. Enjoy your respective time of day!

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No need to be nervous; we don’t bite and just do our jobs enforcing the rules.

As mentioned before, your display name is now tied to your IFC name. If you want to change your display name, you must change your name on the IFC. No, we don’t need a reason for the 1 time name change, it’s just assumed that you want a new name.

Well, unless, you’re trying to be dodgy avoid scrutiny of course…