Can I become a pilot if I am legally blind? (Myopia/nearsightedness)

I would like to be a Private Pilot so that I can own my own plane and fly anywhere I’d like to fly to, but people have been discouraging me from becoming a pilot just because I’m blind. Can I become a Pilot even if I am legally blind? I do have corrective glasses. And my left eye I can see stuff, but its too blurry to make out anything, as If i want to see with my left eye, I need to see stuff up close, and because of this, I can mainly see through my one good eye (right eye), but my left eye is fine, as I can still see with it.

So, Can i still be a pilot?

Please don’t say rude stuff :(

  • -Yes, you can become a pilot, but you will have restrictions from the FAA
  • -No (comment why not below, with details)

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I thought you needed to have 20/40 in both eyes with or without corrective lenses to get a PPL.


I’m not an expert or anything,but I would guess you could still be a co-pilot or just a pilot yourself,but FAA will most likely restrict you from commercial planes or cargo planes

You will have more luck getting an accurate answer if you ask on a flight school/real pilot, not on an aviation forum.
Thought Aernout, Mark Denton, @MarcelloM can help.


We’re talking about a private pilots liscense. You need to have further qualifications to pilot large planes that you suggested.


But I want to be a pilot so badly :(

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Yes I do relize that,but it’s just if he ever did wanna move up to bigger planes he can’t

I only want to be a Private Pilot. I can’t really go into big airlines. most likely regional ones (if I’m lucky that is)

Yeah,you have a decent chance as a private plane pilot

by the way, back in june, I got new glasses, which lets me see farther than ever :D!


I wish to fly this plane. small enough for me, my bro, and my Mom and Dad.
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I have 20/20 vision, and the opticians say I can become a pilot.

Yeah, that makes sense, your vision is perfectly normal…


I hit no by accident. This totally depends on the actual severity of your issue.

According to the FAA, you need to have 20/40 vision minimum with or with out correction. Just for your PPL. Any kind of airline pilot you need 20/20

According to my knowledge, pilots should be completely healthy while flying. They should not have any medical issues while flying. That could be one of the reasons that Yak Service 9633 came down.

I think there are still some restrictions on how good you can see to get a PPL…

If you can correct all of the issues you have with your near-sightness with glasses/lenses I’m sure, it’s still possible…

But if you have big issues with your ability to see and if there’s a disease you can’t correct with glasses anymore I’m afraid FAA won’t issue a PPL, that’s for your own and for the others’ safety…

Hope I could help you a bit… :)


@Daniel_Cerritos I have the same problem as you. I can see perfectly fine with both eyes open but when i cover my left eye and try looking at things with my right eye uts all blurry.
Doctors always ask me if i get headaches because of the difference. XD


I have spoke with a Pilot (Commercial Pilot of Swiss Intl. Airlines) and he told me that you could only if :

When you have glasses you see at ‼️100%‼️ correctly

If you have not a too big correction

^Not Astigmatic or something hard like that*

This is in the Swiss Law.

Personnaly, I have glasses but I’m myopic and not a too big correction so yes I could. For now actually 😂