Can I be tested for advanced ATC

Please I really want to be advanced ATC

Me too, you should pm to ATC recruiters and might get deal!

In which region?

@Tyler_Shelton @John_Preston21

@Swang007 does this go in general or Live?

Prob general tbh

Not really sure. We get so many of these topics every day. We really need that website soon… Usually I put these in general

While you are on the topic topics here: Why don't we add a Poll Category to the website?

I can’t add categories, only Philippe does that. You can PM him about it if you want. Let’s keep the discussion on topic (about ATC testing)

Ok sorry about that

What does PM stand for on this I am guessing it’s not pacific time.

Private message

Ok who do I PM

Pm for what?

Advanced ATC

Send a private message to @Tyler_Shelton or @John_Preston21

Wait before you do how much Atc practice do you have?

A lot I did Socal today

That’s not going to be enough trust me

And for almost 6 months ask my friend 32 on Instagram

Oh ok never mind then