Can I be part of more than one VA?

I have been wondering if I could be part of more than one VAs. I think it would be cool to be part of different Virtual Airlines so that I could fly more routes.

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Yes, you can be in more than just one VA.

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Just make sure you can fulfill the activity requirements for every VA that you are in.

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Absolutely, as long as the VAs you are in don’t restrict their pilots to just one (vast majority don’t)

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Yes you can, if you want to a pilot just make sure you meet the requirements are able to balance with other va’s you are part of. But if you are trying to be a staff of 2 or more va’s then I don’t think staff position is possible.

As staff, you’re limited to only one VA. This is to encourage dedicating your time to only one VA so that you’re more active and helpful. As a pilot, you can be in as many as you can handle! Personally, I’m in a lot of VAs and I’m waiting on a response from United Virtual 😂

I’m staff at one and I’m happy there. I will be forming my own VA soon and will retire at my current VA to dedicate my time to my other one. Either that or I’ll make a CEO change at my VA. Point being, be aware that you can only be staff in one (choose wisely).


I think you will have to wait for 90 days when you drop out of a VA as a staff and start your own VA. I maybe wrong.

Yeah, I think I heard of that cool down period.

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