Can i appeal a 228 day violation because i dont want to spend the last few days of my sub not in expert

Hey so I just got a level 3 vio over 7 days and 2hours ago and to my surprise I was not in expert and I checked why and it saidddddd

So I checked for my last ever level 2/3 violation and saw it 228 days

which puts it at around may last year and I think I have learned my lesson so I think I can appeal it?
But i am not sure so that is why i turn to my trustworthy source of advice The IFC! so i will put a poll and you tell me what to do

What should I do?
  • Try and convince my parents to resub
  • Dont cancel sub
  • Try and appeal
  • Leave of absence (VAs)
  • Cry
  • Cry a little subtler
  • Figure out why IF makes you soo happy
  • Leave IF for a while (2-3months) and focus on studies which you have been lacking in
  • …why now?

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I would say focus on ur studying


You can only appeal a violation if you got it 7 days ago or less, so no


Fair enough

There’s really nothing you can do at this point. You’re gonna have to wait it out for you to get back onto the expert server. Sorry.

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That was also what I thought but idk why but I feel empty without IF

I would try to convince your parents for the sub while you cry, that’s a lot more convincing


Probably I would say spend ore time in school and do GA flights with Infinite flight or just 1 hour flights and explore for a little. Try that for a week and look at ur grades.

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Try to make a deal with your parents/guardians. Perhaps offering to help clean the house, or do some yard work (if you have a yard) over the course of a few weeks would be a great start. Do something to help out your parents that you could use to barter a reward over. They will likely see the good in what you’re doing and would be more inclined to help out with the purchase of a subscription. Just a thought.

“Earn your keep”

As for the violations appeal, Alexander is correct hence why I highlighted his reply. 7 days or less is the time period for which you can appeal a Level 2 or 3 violation.

Take care and have a great day!