Can he be ghosted?

Yes, shortly after you took that my app crashed. Fun times :()


I have been fighting for more TS ATC control for YEARS. Your pain is heartfelt. Since grades 3 and up know how to follow directions when they are on expert…in what way are they training with ATC on the TS server when they do NOT follow CORRECT TS ATC instructions…let the experts tell it…NO ONE on TS knows what they are doing 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣…but they will use OUR TS for landings and because TS ALWAYS has more chance of ATC

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Lol rip 😂 it always sucks when ur on finial and it crashes

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I think it was the pack of AAVA coming to attack you jk thanks man really appreciate your time


Good chat (: