Can he be ghosted?

As a person who enjoys all the features available on IF, I feel like ATC Controllers on TS can have a bit of more control to report people who don’t follow any ATC intrusions and makes the game less enjoyable. I don’t like to report people but the trolls have to go and have to get a lesson thought
Here’s is his username

What he did was he asked to land on 13R told him to land on 13L refused what I said so he decided to tune out of Tower and nose dive an A380 into another player that was waiting on the runway to land

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Training server is called training server because people are training.

Also, there are troll ATC as well who will be granted the ability to report whoever they want.


Not really anything you can do on training, sorry :(

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I understand that but for someone who’s trying to get better at ATC to be an IFATC member wish the people who really want to be a controller have a little bit more power of u will like to say

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At what point do we draw the line with this? I see this statement all the time but I do feel that sometimes people have too much leniency with the whole “training” thing. I could go around to different airports on TS and nosedive into the center of it, not follow ATC commands, etc. and just say I’m training. I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way but it is a genuine question I have…


I agree with you
Also I feel like their should be more controlling over the TS and have MODS check each airport with ATC on it and if everything is going fine then check back in a few hours

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People who are obviously trying to harass other players are dealt with if they’re reported to mods by someone. The problem is, there’s not much that can be done to enforce rules on TS1.

I’m not sure how much time you think there is in a day, but not enough for that I’m afraid. In the best of worlds, sure :)


Or the ones with the most traffic

There are going to be trolls in every server. Unfortunately, there are some on the training server. However, most people on training server are trying to get better whether that is piloting or controlling. Granting the ability for controllers to ghost on the training server would open up a whole new world of trolls as anyone except IFATC members can control on that server. It’s just best to ignore those trolls and try to join IFATC if you want to control serious pilots


Ya, I agree. But for all we know the person that @AviatorGamerYT reported in the OP was purposefully not following ATC instructions and purposely nose dove the plane.

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I mean all I want is for the TS to be a bit more improved for both ATC and new players

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This can be closed as theirs nothing to be done thanks for the opinions guys have a great day/night

I’m not saying that’s not what you want.

But for the same reason you’re asking for more “control”, is why we can’t allow that as it is right now.
Because if you turn the tables, what if you have a controller with “less” knowledge that decides to report people at random?

We know, it’s not an optimal situation… but it’s also a really hard nut to crack.


It’s a valid point, If you want people to learn the proper skills then there needs to be a more organized environment on TS for new users to learn on. I have seen grade 3,4, and 5’s on TS not setting a very good example for new pilots.

I do agree with Seb tho on the fact that it is a tough problem to solve.

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Yep I feel you


That’s where organized ATC Training comes in :)

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Again, if you are serious about controlling, I suggest you take the steps to join IFATC. It’s an amazing organization where you make great bonds and provide great service to serious pilots.

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And, most of us have been there.
I’ve been in the exact same situation you’re in when i worked towards IFATC in 2015.

What i did back then, was to avoid the big ones. KSNA was my go to airport usually :)


Btw I saw u today at CLT