Can Expert ATCs choose where to control?

I observed that this Sunday was a “free choice Sunday” for IFATC. So does that means that Expert ATCs can only control the airports listed in schedule or they always can choose any airport? Thanks

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Exactly - They can pick

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It was a free choice but Tyler mentioned…

ATC may open anywhere that will be serviced by Istanbul New Airport

…there were many airports for ATC to choose from, yes. But not in the entire globe :)


IFATC follow a schedule weekly but on sundays, for example yesterday, they were allowed to open anywhere that fly to the new Istanbul airport :)

So during the week they can’t open a control anywhere they want but only in airports listed in th schedule?

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Yes, if Monday was U.K. for example, they can only open in the U.K.

On rare occasions, Controllers may get special permission from Moderators to open a certain airport for a reason like an event or another subject.

But, in terms of every-day flying, they must stick to the schedule :)


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If all the featured airports are bravos, apprentices are allowed to open any Charlie which is in the featured area

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I will leave this to a ATC controller as I’m not 100% knowledgeable in the regulations :)

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