Can buy pro

My payment info is correct i can buy stuff in other apps im running android 6.0 pr what ever the latest is and 20.03 of infinite flight but i still cant buy pro

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Are you using a gift card?

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No my debit card

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Maybe try to restart your device and then buy it

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I dont really think this is a Device problem if payment works for other apps. Cant really come up with a solid answer to fix it, so I’d say wait a few hours and @schyllberg might be able to help out



What error message are you receiving? Which store are you using?

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It just says error transaction could not be completed and ive never had this game before today and it was bought through google play

In that case, it’s most likely your debit card not allowing for subscription purchases.
This is the case with a few various cards and the best option in that case is to try a different payment method.


Tried it at 1 am and for what ever reason it worked

maybe u had no money until 1am?

No its probably the 530 can$ worth of repeling/climbing geal also i just escorted air force 1 for about 1.5 hrs lmao

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