Can buy one region - Carribean or Hawaii?

I enjoy flying places like KNUC and Catalina in the social regions so like smallish islands. What would be more enjoyable Hawaii or Carribean, also I like having ATC online so keep that in mind.

  • Carribean
  • Hawaii

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Wait for Global :)


Global could be 6 months away…what’s 7 bucks between friends? My preference would be Caribbean

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Caribbean. I have both and fly Caribbean almost all the time.

@SirPilotOfAviation @KeDoG3 What is the point of voting for both? Stop acting like 4 year olds just don’t vote at all.


Off topic!

Hawaii is better, but i’d wait for global.

Hawaii, is a huge region and has more airports than the Caribbean.

On the other hand, the Caribbean is a beautiful region.

Here’s the issue…I’m not very patient…

Collect money for global

Is it going to be costly do you think?

I like this answer best.


I would say Hawaii if you enjoy long flights. From Honolulu to Hilo it’s quite the trip! :)

It’s replacing regions so it will be partially free.

Go for Caribbean :) it’s a nice region

Just a question, if you have bought regions and global is replacing them, do you wonder if they will give you the opportunity to spend it on a new aircraft that you haven’t yet got. For example, if I buy London for £3.99 and global replaces it, do you wonder if you will be granted an option to spend £3.99 on an aircraft you haven’t yet bought?

I bought the Hawaii region for FNF last week and trust me when I saw it was amazing. I have been doing island hops there all wee, the only downside is that it doesn’t get atc as often as the Caribbean region, at least for expert. I strongly recommend getting the Caribbean region as it has tons of islands that u want and atc will be active more often than the Hawaii region

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