[CAN BE CLOSED] Midway Landing competition @ KMDW -012000ZMAR20

Summary: Chicago Midway Airport Landing competition
2 attending

Server: Training

Airport: KMDW

Time: 2020-02-01T20:00:00Z


The reason I choose Midway - I choose Midway for a few different reasons. They have short runways that are hard to land on making it difficult for pilots. The other reason is, with the 737-700 or 737-800 it is hard to stop in time.

737-700 or 737-800

How I will grade
Touchdown point
What location on the runway you stop (Since it is Midway I essentially mean DO NOT OVERRUN)


Concourse A

A01 - @TTV_yezzygamer
A02 -
A03 -
A04A -
A04B -
A05 -
A07 -
A09 -
A11 -
A12 -
A13 -
A14 -
A15 -
A16 -
A17 -
A18 -
A19 -

Concourse B

Will be added if nessecary

Concourse C and Private Gates

Will be used for spectators

Be sure to check out my other events

All at or above grade 2 are welcome. Have a good day.


Runway(s) in use will be posted the day of the event

This event has been switched back to the correct date.

Sounds like a great event! If only it weren’t during my school hours…

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Ouch! Do you have school on Sundays?

March 11th is a Wednesday 😉

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It was just a simple error not adding a ‘0’ in the title. You need this double digits in event titles. I’ve changed this for you, always remember:

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Yah @Ecoops123 fixed it, it is on March first a Sunday. I must have forgotten a 0

This takes place on a Sunday at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (ET)

@anon38496261 can you attend now?

Sorry, I can’t. I’ve got church on Sundays. At the time that this is, I’ll be eating breakfast.

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Is it possible that I can send you a replay and compete that way?

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That is a good idea. Yes you can do that. I always go to 5pm mass. Do you live in Alaska?

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Yep. Alaska.

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Thats cool always wanted to go there. But yes if you wanna send a replay you can do that.

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Same. I am glad you are following God. He is a very good God isn’t he


He is indeed. But, lets get back on topic if you want to talk more about him or this please feel free to PM me.

Oh sorry I am talking to him now

I’m confused. It’s a landing competition, so where do we fly in from?

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You will to a pattern around the airport. I will give you guys a flight plan before the event

Lets get the attendies numebr up. A flight plan will be posted the day of event