Can ATC's give vectors in flight following?


This is the observation from yesterday’s FNF. (25th October 2015)

If you’re asking flight following, (which we allowed yesterday as y’all had a flight plan)(but won’t be allowed normally) it does not mean you will only follow your flight plan and altitude! We can give you some vectors to compensate some delays. ( I did that at KLAX yesterday as KSAN had too much planes).

Thanks to all who followed it!!!

As usual, your altitude might be changed according to traffic. Some of the aircrafts were at FL 190,170 etc.

So, please do follow what we do. It’s always for your good!

More flight time means more XP 😂😂

Please shoot any questions of you do have some ;)


And if we do give you vectors and we want you to return to your FPL, we will always say “resume own navigation”.


ATC instructions always have priority even when following departures and or arrival routes like those for the FNF


Some players cruised with 300kts Ground Speed without looking what the aircraft’s ahead speed was. Pilots should select the same or less ground speed than the plane before them when approaching airports. I got overtaken yesterday by a pilot which caused me to get in a holding to seperate each other. Pilots should be aware that the controller is way too busy to give speed instructions as well as heading and altitude assignements.


Heading and altitude as well as clearing for ILS and instructing on missed approach is super easy, just hold down on the aeroplane and drag. Speed doesn’t have this though, you have to go through the whole list and all selections. Would be great if this could be included in the menu…


You are welcome. I was speed bird 195 heavy