Can ATC see my STAR if I added it manually?

With the new update, I know ATC can see your STAR and understand your approach route. However in one of my flights i opted to manually add the waypoints for a specific STAR. Would I still be cleared by ATC to begin approach following the manually inputted STAR?

Yep, they can see your every waypoint in the flight plan.

For clear, I think that’s something I’m not really sure but I don’t think so.


Ok, I ask because there’s the option to automatically add the STAR by selecting it, but I didn’t do that. So I wondered if that might be an issue.

As long as you have the green groupings in your flight plan, ATC will be able to see the exact procedure you filed. The moment you delete a waypoint out of a procedure, ATC will no longer see what specific procedure you filed but rather a list of the waypoints you filed.


I don’t know what you mean by that.

So in my case here, I have the following procedures filed. ATC will be able to see the 3 procedures listed:

App. I35L

it’ll show just like that on their end if you do this.

However, once you edit (delete a waypoint from within say the SID), you are technically no longer on the procedure and therefore, ATC will not see you flying a SID on your FPL.

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Oh I get it know thx for the map explaining it.

Here’s what ATC will see. We have the same view pilots do when looking at FPL information. But this is what it looks like when you keep your procedures untouched. This pilot here kept his procedures intact by not editing them and ATC was able to see what he filed along with his full route.

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Got it. Thank you!

This explains it all thx deer crusher

Beautiful! There’s a lot of new stuff in this update. Both big and small. It’ll take some time to learn it all.

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