Can atc clear me for takeoff before i request it?

I was just taxiing at KSAN advanced server. I was about 2000 feet from the end of the runway where i would turn onto it and beofr ethat happened the atc cleared me for takeofff before i even requested it. Do they do this in real life.

I have also encountered this type of situation, and the most probable reason they do this is to get traffic out quickly. The bad thing about this is that ATC doesn’t know what your intentions are, so it creates confusion.

And I don’t believe they do that in real life.

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The ATC will ask you. Traffic x are you ready for departure?? Then you confirm and off you go.

It happens in real life that they tell you “line up and wait” as sometimes there is nobody on arrival and you are the only traffic.


Well if the atis said no patternwork allowed then there is no intentions unknown. You are departing and that is really all you are doing. It doesn’t really matter if it’s straight out or what.

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