Can Atc 4 solve some problems?

Hello, i just have wanted to discuss what i thought.

I checked the forum, i have seen discussions about x-plane, prepar3d, fs etc. But i haven’t seen any headline about this game. I am not a computer expert and If i am wrong on that point please remind me that.

ATC 4 is a pc game from Japan. It is a computer game from Technobrain and year of 2015.

Average downloads take 500 mb - 600 mb. And this is only for an airport. If you want to play in other airports you have to download similar amount of GBs. And playing in high resolution doesnt matter for pc. Also 500mb, 600 mb is not hard for mobile games. You know, Pubg is 1.5 gb. There are 4 or 5 airports and if you want to download all of them, you will need to download almost 2 gb.

The game has several Japan or Asian Airlines liveries.

What i am trying to do say? I will explain it easily with comparisons over IF below:

  1. I know one of them is pc game while IF is mibile game and there are so many difficulties.

  2. Atc 4 has more realistic engine sounds, takeoff powerup sounds, strobes (1-light for boeing, twins for airbus and backstrobe lights). IF is not completely bad but i cannot feel as realistic as Atc 4.

  3. Atc 4 has pushback trucks, shuttlebuses, terminals, buildings, bridges, clouds, rainings, taxiway lights, taxilights etc. IF needs so many reworks about this.

  4. Graphics and movements of airplanes: IF is better than ATC 4. And IF is better than the most of Pc games.

You can find the videos of ATC 4, and find new points to discuss. I don’t judge the IF and as i said, i do this comparison for getting better experience in the future from IF.

I like IF and i suppose we can find basic solutions for some necessities. I don’t say “let’s copy atc 4 to IF”, i just tell, we can see that something can be easily while we expect thousands of mountains.

And i just wanted to ask that can we bring these or similiar features easily into the IF.

Sorry for my bad english.

There are several feature requests in the #features category, I suggest you go there and vote for the ones you want.


Your English is very good, no need to be apologetic :).

More to the point, not only you want these features in IF. Many people want the features you listed. To show your interest in the feature, I suggest you vote for the features you want in the #features category. This lets the developers know what the community wants. The more votes a feature gets, the higher the chance that it is added. Your vote counts toward that.

So, if you want 3D Buildings added, search for “3D Buildings” in the #features category and click the blue “VOTE” button.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message me and I’ll help you out.

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No it is not feature request. And i have seen similar topics in #general discussions. Search for x-plane and prepar3d. This is not a feature request, they were not too. But if it is better to open in #feature ,mods can carry but i don’t request anything on this topic. It was about perspectives of games and “what we can see in other perspective?”.

I know what those simulators are, however I’m not sure what’s the topic to discuss? Can you elaborate a bit further on what is the direction of discussion you’re proposing?

This is a Infinite Flight forum so talking about other games are usually prohibited. Just about all the features you have stated are in #features and you just need to search that topic. When a mod comes by he may want to close this.