Can anyone top this?

Yup a 116kt crosswind…


Ive flown in winds up to 140kts, so yes I can top it lol


Dang man. Where?

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I honestly don’t remember exactly but it was over the Atlantic, just woke up to land from my long haul and saw this extreme winds


I’ve experienced around 127kts as a max over Alaska, near Juneau in the B737-800.

im going to have to second your comment, i kniw ive seen 140 to 150 before… so it can happen!

Well over Virginia in my little Citation X hit 200knts arround FL260 and I insta descended down to 12k to stay away from the deadly crosswinds.

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Got me beat, highest I got is around 80 :/

highest ive got is around 90, 116 must be insane!

CYVR-CYYC Area/CYEG Area always has ridiculous winds because of the Rockies, both IRL and in game. Just yesterday, did a flight with 148kt headwinds at 26,000

IRL I’ve been on some unfortunate CYYC-CYVR flights, in august AC226 had a crosswind of 88KT, but the max handled it well. Quick decent sorted it out in about 3 minutes.
Descended down to FL300

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Nearly got 200 over Australia.


If you’re flying around the Kentucky/WV area, you will experience fast winds. Like, up to 140knts crazy for when it peaks.

ive been in like 140-150 knots winds before. over the atlantic

Did you zoom at 1000% at the map? If yes Thats normal XD

If Not Thats funny….


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Its always over the Atlantic that I seem to get these crazy winds lol

Yes, sadly I can top you… 167 knots somewhere over New York

The jet stream south of Juneau, AK is currently pushing 170 knots at 34,000 feet.

I’ve flown in the Atlantic going with 177kts headwind

I got about 130-140 flying south from NYC to Charlotte in January

Alaska is the tip of the jet stream or something so I’ve had 140+ knots tailwind (or headwind depending on direction)

(flying south from Anchorage in an MD-11)

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