Can anyone please send me a detailed speeds, flaps and trims etc for all kinds of aircraft? I am extremely new :)

I am new to infinite flight, as I liked the plane model details and how bright and beautiful it is compared to Real Flight Simulator by Rortos. I have no trouble setting the waypoints, but I need to know the speed for take-off, rotate, landing etc for all the planes, and flaps during each stage, and how trims work. This is the most realistic flight simulator after all!


Hello and welcome to the community I hope you enjoy it here,

I would recommend you check out the #tutorials category to help you.

This tutorial answers one of your questions

Go check out the #tutorials section.

Welcome to the community! :)

Welcome to the community, we’re here if you have any questions or need anything.

You can check #tutorials, each plane is different in speed and flaps, etc.

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He added a link to the last reply

So what do I do? Sorry I am extremely new here, and a noob pilot on Infinite Flight… :(

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We are happy to welcome you into this community dedicated to Infinite Flight and aviation. The links attached below will help you throughout your amazing experience in IFC. I can gurantee you a terrific experience here at Infinite Flight Community.

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