Can anyone help?

So I’m flying from KIAD-RJAA, and I just flew over PAJN. My autopilot decides now would be just the greatest time to go bonkers, and go way off course. Is my flight doomed to be cancelled or should I continue on and situate on the ground? I’m stopping at PANC for fuel.

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I mean… It’s up to you really isn’t it? Do you want to continue with the flight?

Also for reference, do you have the autopilot set to follow your FPL?

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Yes on both counts.

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Have you set GPS mode on and accidentally switched it? Do you have NAV enabled?
Divert if you want, but your choice.

Then I guess you should continue it then?

if you want to make it a realistic flight, stop and land. Other than that do what you want

I mean I’m only diverting for fuel, and I’ve tried recalibrating in case that works.

A/P is on. Unless you disconnect it, it won’t really do much.

Then I suppose I’ll just land and call it a flight.

Ok mods this can be closed now. I ended up aborting the flight.

I just want to add one quick thing so you can avoid this happening again. Your flight plan may of had two sharper fixes linked up together due to the location of the fixes causing the aircraft to keep circling the fix to intercept it to keep flying on path.

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Closed at OP request