Can anyone help me?

Hi, I wanted to see if anyone could help me because it turns out the other days came to me install a new Wi-Fi and now I can’t play Infinite Flight because he tells me you can’t connect to the server. Can anyone help me?


Hello there, sorry you are experiencing trouble. Since the new WiFi was installed, have you tried rebooting your device and relaunching Infinite Flight? Those would be the first steps you could take and ensure you have a strong connection to your WiFi. A weak connection could impact performance and your ability to connect to Infinity Flight’s servers.


try booting into infinite flight, turn off wifi on your device then when you get an error message turn on your wifi on the device and tap try again and it should work. I had the same problem before.

i tried what you put on me, but you can’t still connect to the living server. thanks anyway

if I have a good connection to the Wi-Fi, and I did what you put me on, but I still find it that you can’t connect to the living server. but thanks anyway

Are you using a VPN by chance?

none of that

Can you try connecting with a hotspot from your cellphone? This will tell us if the issue is in fact a local WiFi issue or not.

what do you mean by connecting me to an access point? i didn’t get that part

I was trying to see if you could get internet access from another source that isn’t your home WiFi.

i tried mobile data and with it if it connected me to the living server but with my wi-fi, not, and that new one that installed me is much better than the one I had before

Okay thanks for the update. Can you please try the following:

• Close Infinite Flight (stop it from running in the background)
• Unplug your new WiFi router, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in.
• Wait for router to reconnect to the internet
• Finally, relaunch Infinite Flight

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i already did, and it still doesn’t work. I think I’ll have to play in the way alone😂

Your internet service provider is restricting something or your router is blocking ports then. Is it a 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz router?

i think it’s 2.4 Ghz

So before the new router, Infinite Flight connected fine?

if I was doing well until they put the new Wi-Fi in

Okay, yea well unfortunately, that’s where the line is drawn. We don’t want to give advice on network settings, that should be handled by your internet service provider or a trusted expert contractor.

You could try calling your internet provider to see if they will troubleshoot the connection issue and see which ports Infinite Flight is using. That’s your best bet moving forward so give them a call :)

okay, thank you so much for the attention and for the attempt to help you

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Let us know what they say after you call them. It could be beneficial to other users too if they experience this. Thank you for your responsiveness and patience too. It’s always awesome to help in support :)