Can anyone help me with practising ATC pattern work?

Hello, I’m looking for people to help me to practise my ATC controlling skills, because I’ll have Practical Test in a few days, I tried making ATC tracking thread, but unfortunately nobody came.

It’s probably best to add on to your current tracking thread, instead of making another request like this. I’m sure they’ll be people willing to help out when you announce you’re open… and I can try to help you out when you are as well!


Yeah, I have to wait a while too. It will take a while to get people, just keep waiting, and don’t switch airports mid session. You’re better off waiting for longer at one. Also, remember, some people might try and flybin from other airports but it will take them time to get there :)

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Along with what @InfiniteFlightDeck said, you should take into consideration the time of day you’re opening, and if there are any events going on. Say if FNF is going on, it’s not likely many people would attend.


And also, I try and open where it is evening in the area I am opening. That way, if someone sees there home airport on a tracking thread, they might be more inclined to come along! Evening
I find is typically better since more people are available.

Thanks for the tips! Mods can close this now.