Can anyone help me keep up with the current version of IF?

Hello, it’s been a while since I have had played infinite flight and I think the last time I had it on my phone was that the main menu featured a global map. Later on, I decided to install it once again and since it’s my dream to become an airline pilot; also the fact that I was still young and couldn’t understand physics making me want to delete and trying it again some other time. Now, I wanted to comeback but it seems that the developers made a pretty good job on making it realistic [too good] and I’m having a hard time understanding all of the functions that I see on my screen and by that it made me realize I’m back to square one. I know I may sound stupid, but what should I learn now considering that I only know the available functions when Infinite Flight didn’t have global?


The developers have updated the app a ton since global came out, so I can see how you’re having trouble keeping up. Is it the main menu or the flight interface that you are struggling with?


Well it’s more about the flight interface, I can see that IF isn’t beginner friendly and I know the flight training option is just new and it barely helped me in getting to know more how functions like LNAV, VNAV, APPR, (just to name a few) and especially how flight planning is done, I’m having a hard time doing things correctly and since this isn’t a no brainer simulator, it requires much time and practice, but even if I learn the functions theoretically I’d still be dumbfounded in-game since I didn’t interactively learned it. I tried watching youtube tutorial posted by IF and I couldn’t understand some parts of it. Therefore, I decided to hit up the IF forum as the last resort since I don’t know where to start and what to do.


Definitely review the user guide and Infinite Flight YouTube channel for the guidance you need with using in-game controls. Also, practice a lot with using these controls, and you will almost immediately get better at using them in your flights. Practicing is the key.

With time and practice, you will get the hang of it :)


May I suggest, try the Community Tutorials threads. They really helped me. But for the basics, I would recommend using IF’s YouTube tutorials.

For the live servers, you could always use the User Guide.

you could try the tutorial provided i guess 🤷

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