Can Anyone fix this scenery?

Device: iPad 8
Operating system: iPad OS

Naha Airport’s second runway scenery is looking weird, can anyone of Infinite Flight Staff fix it?


A quick search on Google Earth has shown that the second runway at the airport has been built on an artificial island that has had its land reclaimed. As far as I can see, there’s nothing wrong with the airport, barring the satellite imagery that might need to be updated.

This is something that’s only done occasionally due to the amount of processing and data that’s needed to be updated. That said, this is something that I will forward to the editing team to see if anything can be done about this. Unfortunately, in the meantime, this is something you’re going to need to contend with. Hopefully it wouldn’t diminish your experience in the long term. It’s exciting to see projects at this scale.


um that is actually what I mean, can anyone fix the satellite image, or else it look weird

In short, no, this isn’t something that can be fixed immediately. Hopefully it will be fixed in the future though.

(sigh) I hope so

In fact, this satellite image is quit early, Naha airport’s second runway finish constructing already

I’m well aware. Large scale land reclaimation projects like these run the risk of having the imagery going out of date very quickly, which is precisely what has happened here. This is potentially the case with other airports around the world that are constructed in this way too.

Maybe tell the developers about it. Then they will know it

What’s that going to do? Scenery updates are very few and far between. Infinite Flight does not have their own satellites, therefore they cannot do it immediately whenever they need to fix something…

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Well, in my opinion, without changing it, the airport loom weird. About the satellite thing, I think it is not I should think about, since I’m not developing it.


We don’t own or manage any satellites ourselves that takes the images. Satellite imagery is acquired from a third party that do however.

Updating this is both quite time consuming and rather costly. I think most would agree with me when saying that it would be resources better spent on improving current features as well as adding new ones. After all, our primary role isn’t to be a map service :)


Can Infinite Flight do things like Photoshop the satellite image? Maybe Photoshop it and make it normal?

That would most likely make it look even weirder given colour correction as well as resolution differences.

um, maybe just add some sand looking part under the taxiway just like city skyline or transport fever? at least I think make the taxiway and runway not floating on the ocean.

Again, it has been reiterated that the satellite imagery in specific areas cannot just simply be modified on its own due to limitations already stated before.

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