Can Anyone Explain this Flying Saucer? (LiveFlight)

I’ve never seen this before…

Can someone please explain my strange LiveFlight finding?

From me reading the first two lines on Wikipedia, this vehicle seems to be some kind of experimental flying machine.
Is this what happens when LiveFlight doesn’t know what aircraft someone is using, or is something else going on here?

That is staff testing a new aircraft! Very cool find!

But there’s no way that flying-saucer-lookin thing could fly that far… right? (LiveFlight also says it’s traveling at 175mph…)

Generally, staff use these photos for their aircraft, and also when they are testing new aircraft!

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It’s maybe the new A-10 warthog or 737

It’s not that exact aircraft

So IF staff will make it look like that when they’re testing something that hasn’t been released yet?

Mods have things like that on their liveflight profiles all the time.

Indeed they do

Gotcha. Glad to see IF is working hard on getting these updates pushed out!
(Perhaps a mod could close this topic now. Thank you!)

Looks like flydubai. Cant wait for that!

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