Can anyone explain this Delta A300?

I’m creating another topic because this really intrigues me and the other one was closed before I could follow others’ advice. I spotted this Delta Airlines A300 in the film The Hangover Part II, and it made me curious as Delta has not operated an A300, and this definitely did not look edited, so what is a possible explanation for this?



That is an A310 I believe. Delta operated A310’s until the 90’s, which were replaced by B767’s.


Comments on this explain it well

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Idk if its not real, it looks amazing! 😍 btw @Owen_Lewis this is longer than an a310


As the plane moves in the film, I think i can see what appears to be an exit behind the wing, so I’m not sure.

Not only that but A310s were never operated in the new livery.

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Thanks for that! Probably should’ve searched but I was dumb and was just looking for queries on a Delta A300 and that’s all

I just looked here

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