Can anyone create a Crew Center for me?

I have been looking into making a crew center for my future VA but I do not have access to a Desktop or a laptop. Is anyone able to create me one preferably at no cost? Thanks

Hello! If I’m not mistaken. @CPT_Colorado could make you one if you send him a message. Another option is to use Airtable which you can set up on Mobile. Good luck with the VA!


I’ve currently set up Airtable as a primary use for a ‘Crew Centre’ but it is quite annoying since some staff members aren’t able to use it. I’ll be sure to ask him!

Hi @Sashaz55 is correct. I will make crew centers for people. If you want, fill out this form here.

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I would recommend you check out this tutorial on ifc Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part One - Setting up Hosting Also I know a person who setups CC.

I’d be glad to help! Send me a PM if you are interested.

So does that mean you charge for skinning?

Yes, as skins take a bit of work to upload, prepare, and customize. But on the basic skin that’s 5, i dont charge for the skin, since that’s just the bare bone crew center


Ok cool! I’ll fill it out now.

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