Can anyone check my violatons

I have looked in my logbook and the last violation was 7 days ago at 5:58utc and it shows I still have 1 violation? Can anyone please check for me, whenever that violation goes away I’m grade 4! (I have double checked my logbook)

Could you tell us the exact date you got the violation?

July 7 2019 at 5:58pm (that was my last violation)

There’s still roughly 18 hours until your violation expires, because it will expire exactly at the same time you got it (exactly 7 days after) also remember the time displayed is in UTC/Zulu.

5:58utc srry

There’s still 6 and a half hours until it expires. 🙂

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Ok thanks:)

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Is there anyone who can remove it, I have a replay showing I left before the violation occurred, and even when I left it said the summary of the flight had 0 violations

No one can remove violations if they were for a fair reason.

It was being for runway idle, I didnt even know that was a thing :///, I went to go to the bathroom and when I came back i saw the warning so i quickly left and i didn’t get a violation till i looked at my grade Table

Because that’s your fault, the violation can’t be removed. Sorry to say this 😬

It was so wierd though I left when it was still a warning?

The only was for this to happen after “leaving” is if you didn’t actually exit the flight. If you received the summary as you claimed, then you received them prior to exiting.

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Oh yeah that might have been what happened

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