Can anyone be ATC?

Hi guys

Just would like to ask you if anyone can be ATC. I loaded up Infinite Flight today and saw the atc option. I clicked on it and it let me be controller on TS1! Is this a feature or a bug? I am not registered with any form of ATC place but I was wondering of anyone with live can actually be ATC?

Many Thanks


Everyone can be ATC on the training server. :)
If you want to control on the expert server, check out the topic below:


Yes with Live anyone can be ATC on the training server, however you need to join IFATC and take a test to be ATC on the expert server.


Everyone can control on TS1.
In order to be able to control on the Expert Server, you need to take a Test, and join the IFATC team. :)


Anyone can control on Trainings server 1 - that is why there are often threads complaining about the quality of service. Expert server requires the joining of IFATC through a two fold testing technique which i have linked be low for you ;


It is called “Traning Server 1” for a reason. So you can get some training in.

That is why you see so many of us complaining about TS1 ATC, 99.999999 (etc) % of the people don’t know what a left base is

Thanks all for the information :) I am opening up Palm Springs if anyone wants to come.


That explains it all. Lol. If you’ve wondered why so many people complain about the training server, it’s because no experience is required for access; therefore, the chances of finding valuable, good ATC isn’t overly high.


However there are a couple of organisations (IFTSATC for one) who are trying to organise ATC on the TS1 and give more experience and better serves on that server.


Wrong, there are plenty of decent / good ATC’s on TS1. But like with IFATC’s, they never get attention unless they do something bad…


But they all know what a right base is 😏


As mentioned above, you do not need the demonstrate any skills to become an ATC on TS in IF. But since you’re new on IF I would recommend you to do some flying first, and check out this Forum and YouTube for some good info on aviation. It can be frustrating for Pilots if the ATC totally has no clue and obviously had no training at all.

If you’re intersted to learn as ATC watch these.

Again, it’s only my recommendation.

Have fun!

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