Can anybody back me up with a JET? (EVENT)

Hi guys I will be flying a Boeing 747-SCA from KSAN-KEDW on the california region. There are some important passengers in my plane so I dont want them to be dead because of somebody shooting a missle to my plane. So I invited all you guys to protect my plane with a JET! (Any Fighter Jet)

Event info:
Starting Airport: KSAN Terminal 2 Gate 20
Final Airport: KEDW
Date: 21 July 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 8:00am GMT
Plane: Fighter Jets

Signup procedures: If you want to join this Event than leave a reply below about your callsign and your username. Then I will tell you where to spawn in the airport. Dont forget to charge your phone before playing! :smile:
Cyu there guys!

I will send you guys a flight plan copy on 20 July 2015! Make sure you guys follow the flight until we have landed safely. Tx

Do it in ATC playground and I’ll tower at KEDW (where ever that is)

When there will be guards, dont it seem appropriate to have bogeys? 😉

? What does that mean

Ok, its at Edwards tower

Threats. When you are flying guarded, you expect some threats. You dont mind if some pilots flying & be the acting threats do you? Hehe… Just saying tho not like ill be one of them.

Do it in free flight server 1, ill be at gate 19 with an fa-18

Ok, you’ll be in Terminal 2 Gate 19. This event starts at 21 July 2015. I will give you my flight plan on 20 July. Make sure you copied tge exact same plan that I have. If you have other device so that we can chat than please use it. Dont forget to take awesome screenshots and post it after the event ends :blush:

Thanks for joining and cyu there!

FA-18 N65KG I’ll be there

@Jonathan_Adrian… Pls Post a heads up the 21st on this Forum.
Sounds interesting I hav’nt made a gun pass at a 747 for a few weeks
TallyHo, Mad Max Sends (Scar 007, watch the Sun & the Victory Roll!)

So that must mean that if l have my pancakes and sausage breakfast, or tea and krumpets at 0330 am …then l’ll be taking off from KSAN with you in my F14 …sometime around 0400…and btw the shuttle carrier is carefully balanced with its primary payload…so l don’t think it would carry many guests as well…so bring them in a VC25…roger wilco…over and out…ta ta…

Here’s a great idea…Sir Max…remember when we were dueling over KEDW…several moons back…well let’s do it again…but we have to be on on the FF server…think it over…but remember …rise and shine at 0400…or is that climb and roll…let’s try a duel Immelman…yea…that’s the ticket…

I am interested… but since you will be flying in CA in the USA…you need to convert the start time to PDT and EDT…for us Yanks…remember we still have not learned the metric system yet either…so take some pity on us…jolly good on you…

@Recxx… New I should have done the time conversion! Great Idea for this kind of hop. Leave it to the Fledgies! If the time remains as presently set I’m out.
So I’ll watch and wait. As for the Immelmann no Spad for me, I’m a modern guy, I’ll take a Split S and some Rolling Scissers if you you Please! Hope to see you at 3 O’clock High. Fox2, Regards, Max

Roger Wilco Mad Max …but WE WILL plan to have a duel out at KEDW again soon…just to keep our skills sharp…let the malcontents and the would be future CY’s flutter around their playgrounds and playpens…leave the real job to the right stuffers…too bad you just missed my salute…tally ho…ooh rah and hooyah !!!

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Ok wait at Terminal 2 Gate 18. I will give you my flight plan later. Dont forget to take screenshots and post it here! :smile: Make sure your device is charged and have a great day! :wink:

(If you have 2 device, 1 for playing and 1 for chatting here then please do it so) Cyu There!

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Awesome I’ll be flying a F-22 call sign AN94 if you still have space.

Ok, you’ll be in Terminal 2 Gate 17. I,ll send you my flightplan later on.

Hi I was just wondering could I receive the flight plan along with the formation at which you want us in! Say one front, back, left,right in diamond formation?