Can an Airline based in the US fly their Regional Branded jets out of Non-US Hub?

Hi, I had a really crazy thought that I had while I was working today.

I was thinking: Can An Airline based in the US, who has a regional carrier (Example: Delta with Delta Connection), fly their regional brand in other countries?

Is this even possible to do?

An Example would be Delta. Delta Airlines has Delta Connection, which serves smaller cities in the United States and some international routes in North America (Canada and Mexico).
My question is, can Delta Airlines operate their Regional Carrier Delta Connection out of Non-US Hub such as Tokyo-Narita?

Thanks! :)


My answer is yes. One airline im sure about is Silver Airways. They are based in the US but flies to Caribbean Islands.

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Keep in mind that Delta doesn’t operate their connection aircraft, but other companies do. I mean, to my knowledge, I guess this is possible, but why would they anyway? It will complicate a lot of things, such as getting it there, having a crew base there… Everything matters, especially money, cause thats all they want. ;)

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I’m just so curious to know what would happen if Delta or any other US Airline decided to operate their regional carrier in other countries :). Thanks for your answer!

I get it, I was actually thinking the same thing! Lol, #randomshowerthougths


Here is proof. not really though A delta connection E170 flying from Shanghai to La Guardia. Makes sense
Credit to @RTG113


What? I never knew the ERJ-170 had that much of a range…I think FR24 got it wrong.

It’s not a revenue flight and it’s not a nonstop flight.

Actually Delta doesn’t operate Delta Connection - it is operated by Endeavor, Mesa and Republic to name a few.

To directly answer your question, I don’t see why they couldn’t operate internationally. But from a financial and logistical standpoint, I don’t see why the would operate internationally.

Note: The picture above was edited. Typically, at least this month, DL5916 is KCMH-KLGA.


Your response is amazing :). I do know that about Endeavor and the others, but would Delta have to contract a small airlines to do the flights within, lets say, Japan?

I Think i’d be interesting to see a DL Connection aircraft being flown within a country nowhere near the US

In short, yes. In long, I have a prime example.

SkyWest Airlines flies to Canada and Mexico under Delta Connection, United Express, Alaska Horizon, AND American Eagle. They only operate the CRJ 200, 700, 900, and ERJ 145. So, yes

To add, Skywest is based in Denver

It makes little sense now due to code share agreements. I could book a flight from my airport on delta to Atlanta. It used to be an Air France flight to Paris then a delta flight to Atlanta. It’s an example though as Air France no longer fly here. Another example would be to fly on klm to Amsterdam then catch the delta flight. They will sell tickets like these themselves. It’s an agreement so it’s not like they don’t make money from it

Well I wouldn’t say the the company (Air France) has really any relationship in operating the flight… doesn’t really count I don’t think.

Well yeah, but those are close to the US. Daniel, I believe, is referring to more far off lands, which they don’t typically operate short range aircraft.

It does. They are part of the same alliance and the flight used to be operated by Air France

Oh sorry, just read the full post. Are you talking about a flight from, for example, Paris - ATL?

that would quailify as long range (not short haul aircraft right?)

I’m saying they utilise alliances and code share agreements to get you where you need to in another continent so you can fly delta for example. This is what they do rather than have a domestic fleet in another country. Aka KLM to Amsterdam then delta to Atlanta. This would be one ticket purchased from delta or the other way around.

Corrrectttt… but this topic is about regional jets… not codeshares.

What he is saying, is that what if, say a CRJ-700 with delta’s name on it was operating in… South Africa… he is asking if that is possible, not if they can fly to other places.

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Yes, I am asking if Delta can like, contract a foreign regional airline to fly for them, like how they contract Endeavor Airlines to fly for them in the US.

And I’m saying that they don’t need to do that thanks to codeshare agreements. Not to mention you are disadvantaged in a foreign country,

And delta can do this many ways, the best would probably be to purchase a stake in an airline already operating in the country.

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