Can Air Bases Delay?

So the morning news during the winter almost always has some list of schools/business that are delayed, or canceled. Today though I notaced somthing odd on there, the 911 Airlift wind had a two hour delay. What does that mean for an Air Base? Personnel come on late? And honesty the Airport wasnt delayed, I mean hardly anything was since we only got about an inch over several hours.Just wondering if anyone knew what that was.


Actually do they eaven have a “start time” armt they around the clock?

Ya it does, it’s about what a delay at an air force base means

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All it means is that the roads are bad so instead of shift change being at 8am its 10am. Its the same regardless of the company.

Oh, so it affects the shift change not nessarly the operations?

For the most part yes. I mean if there is ice on the runway that is something that may impact operations but they can handle it. The local news is reporting that for the people who work there.


If wx is real crappy the Base commander can issue delays for non essential personnel.When i was Guard in Alaska I had a few times like this where the JBER Base commander (A 3 Star) would order that. They issue it if roads are extremely icy or extreme weather.

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As a USAF Retiree, yes, very much so for non essential personnel. If you work command post and on console duty ( not back office) you go in on time as safely as possible. Same with base fire department, cops, medical (ER) etc. Fighter squadrons will either slip training missions or cancel. If it’s an AMC base and you have a mission bird going down range you’ll probably going to have a WX delay anyway and you delay crew alerts etc… Just a couple of examples.


Thanks you guys ( @anon93248082 @Chris_S @Capt_Whiplash ) interesting to know. Surprised they did actually, we only had like an inch ish of snow, I mean I had to go to school on time, the Air Force should too! 😂 (jk, I’m sure they were just keeping there guys safe)


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