Can a passenger land a plane? YouTube video from Captain Joe

Hello all,

I came across this interesting video today, thought of sharing it with you.
How many of you thought they are capable of landing a real plane?
Specially after learning how to fly in IF.

This video belongs to a guy named Captin Joe in YouTube


Yes, I’m sure if they know the basics they can.

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I’m going to move this to Real World Aviation (You’d have to be TL2 to post there) because Captain Joe is a really cool and great aviation YouTube figure. Cheers


I‘m repeating myself again, but I remind everyone that flying a flight simulator does not teach you how to fly an airplane. Sure, there are pretty realistic flight sims out there (yes, I know X-Plane is FAA Certified under certain circumstances), but it’s still something completely different. Also keep in mind how nervous you’d get if find yourself in a real plane.


Thanks 🙂
He is though.

This is a coincidence. I just watched this video then saw this!

I think simulators Atleast teachbyou the Barr minimum basics of how to fly. I agree I can’t learn to fly a plane just by playing IF, but I’ve still learned airport procedures, how to takeoff and land, caluculating TOD, etc.

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Honestly I’m pretty sure that this debate came to an end when a passenger plane (one of the hardest to fly period) was stolen and flown by somebody who was solely trained by a computer simulator…and while it was not landed as the pilot’s intentions was not to land he did some very impressive maneuvers that aviation “experts” say commercial pilots couldn’t likely perform without other training.

Honestly, of course somebody who is trained or trains themselves in a full instrument working cockpit simulator can fly a plane, any plane for that matter.

How do you all think that they got to the moon and back when it had never been done before? Yep you guessed it…a darn simulator…gee wiz…interestingly enough everybody said it couldn’t be done by learning from NASAs wanna be version of a simulator back then but it was done and done to perfection I might add…They (NASA & Astrouants) didnt listen to a bunch of people who dont believe in themselves tell them otherwise


Watched this video a bunch, really interesting, Joe is also a great aviation youtuber!

I’m pretty sure that you would be paralysed and in shock if you would be told to take the pilots command of a commercial plane with passengers on board. Trust me, I’ve seen a few people in state of shock in situations way less emotional. I’m convinced that the huge amount of emotions going through your body at this moment would totally blast your chances of landing a commercial plane.
On the other hand, if you would be able to control yourself enough and follow the instructions of an experienced pilot guiding you through the procedure then why not, it’s just doing what someone tells you to do. And if you know what “flaps”, “spoilers” or “ILS” is (which isn’t the case in the video), then you can land a plane with APPR 9/10 times if you’re correctly mentored.
There is always a first time. Just imagine doctors when they have to do some procedure for the first time in their life. Personally, my hands were shaking so hard and my body was sweating all the water it could the first time I had to perform a surgery by myself with supervision. But if you follow correctly the instruction, everything should be fine.

I’m sure if a 0.0001% chance happened to u while u were in a plane and a flight attendant said like in a movie i can’t remember “does anyone knows how to fly a plane” and you got up, you will forget what 1+1 is equal.
Just the fact of 100+ lifes on boerd is scary.
But also I believe as been said ⬆️ With a bit of knowledge and ATC guidence and dont forget its all automated with some luck that nothing goes wrong and manual interference is necessary it could work.

By your last paragraph you imply that are a real doctor albeit from Switzerland, however that said l believe that superficially your comment as to doing what someone else tells you to do is not entirely accurate, because you are in a fight or flight survival situation in such as the above scenario where your initial mindset and level of determination must be quickly honed to a razor sharp focus on the task before you to safely take control of and land that aircraft, and the reality of it is that in this high tech age of almost perpetual distraction from the veritable legions of electronic devices before us, only those of us who can successfully both navigate through that wilderness and maintain our neurological composure and sufficient level of concentration, will have any chance of accomplishing such a goal and will be able to overcome the overwhelming odds to accomplish it.

I think there’s a mythbusters episode on this, with ATC help, you could probably do it.

As long as it has Autoland, then you’re good. :)
But if it’s a GA plane, then you might be screwed…

only the handful of people here who are real pilots can actually land a plane,

playing and pushing buttons in a game different than landing a real aircraft

Also to note: it’s been done with a GA plane before when the pilot had a heart attack and died and the client had 0 aviation knowledge. You guys overthink it. I personally think that it is harder as I cant control things like I have in real life. Iv only flown a couple of times but it sure was easy :) like riding a flying bicycle :).

I think anyone can if they are in a rational and calm state of mind. Fear will lead to loss of concentration and one will likely miss instructions. If one is calm and has knowledge I believe it will work. I’d just pray they can flare properly lol.

well atleat we know what to do in cockpit if on any flight we might face an emergency.
the basics.

  1. how and where to communicate with atc. thanks to IF for having such a great platform and giving us an insight what is at the real world control tower.
  2. we know the basic controls trim, rudder, elevator, aileron, appr, brakes our deacent rate lining up with the runway and many more.
    and most imp once we establish a connection with the radar controller, they will definitely help us figure out where all the buttons are located in the cockpit and where we can proceed further.
    so overall its difficult with the pressure of yours and hundreds of others life in the hand, but with the basics learnt from flight sims we are atleast capable of minimising the damage if not completely avert it.

If the pilots on my flight were unable to fly, I might be able to take it down, but, I couldn’t do all the little things. Tbh all I could do is maneuver, throttle, gear, flaps, spoilers and reverse thrust. I couldn’t adjust trim or do the lights or anything.

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