can a kind TL2 MEMBER REPOST THIS FOR ME IN FEATURES votes for the new cameras ON CRJ SERIES to be updated to every aircraft in IF

The cameras on the CRJ’s are absolutely awesome I love landing whilst sittin in the last row for a full ils approach once fully established ofcourse lol

I would really like to see those cameras installed across all passenger aircraft with the addition of the wing seat on 774

Thoughts guys


Hello there you must be TL2 to post in the #features. Also not all the planes have been reworked.

I think what would be great if we got 6-8 slots where we can set our own! Imagine that.

Hi and Welcome to the Community, you might want to read the posts i’ve linked below 👇

About Trust Level, what is it? Read this post below to understand it better :)

And here you can read about the Features category, how it is utilized in the correct way :)

And as others have stated, TL2 or higher is what you’ll have to be to be able to post in the Features category ;)
By contributing to the community in a positive manner will get you to TL2 in no time, and being active on a regular basis as well.

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This post would be described as a feature request. We have a Features catergory for these types of posts. Sadly you must be TL2 (Member) to post there. You are currently TL1. Keep reading, liking and posting and you’ll get to TL2 in no time.

Have a read of these posts for more information:

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