Can a Huawei Honor 6x run IF?

I’m just wondering because I am getting a new phones for Christmas and would like to know if the phone can run it because i/m not sure how to check specs and stuff. Anyway Thanks!

Read here! It should have the info you need 🙂

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Yes, that device is compatible with the latest version of Infinite Flight according to it’s specifications.


Thank you so much kind sir! :)


I myself use the 6X’s bigger brother, the Honor 8. It has a Kirin 950 processor compared to the 6X’s Kirin 655. I can run IF no problem on high graphics, just without anti-aliasing. You can expect maybe medium to high graphics for it to play smooth, which is not bad at all considering the price. I think the 6X comes with two RAM options. Since IF is RAM hungry, I’d definitely suggest paying the extra for more RAM.
Good luck! 😉
Edit: btw, don’t take anything that I wrote for a fact, such as being able to play with medium to high graphics. This are just my thoughts considering the 950’s performance :)

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Wait does 3GB of RAM work?

Yes. Lowest required is 1GB. You’re fine :)


Depends on how u use it. Just keep 1gb free all time 😀
Huh schyll beat me…


Sorry it’s like I know i’m getting a new phone and forgetting to check if the phone can run the game just scared me for a second. Thank you all for the help :D