Can a ghosting be reversed?

So what happened was that my brother decided to play IF on my phone. But incidentally he spawned right in the middle of the atc controlled area in the expert server ( SCEL Santiago). He got ggosted for speeding. This is the second time this is happening. Now i can’t use expert server for a year. Can this be undone???

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Yes it can. You have to contact the controller that ghosted your brother.

Yes, and to add on to @Dylan_M’s reply, it goes a long way if you’re respectful and show why it should be reversed.

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In this case, most likely not. You are responsible for your device/account.


You should contact the controller and PM him to sort it out. If it was not your fault it might possibly be reversed.

Not for this, though.

You’re responsible for your own device and/or log-in credentials.


Like with all ghosting complaints, it starts with communicating with the controller via PM.