Can a 77W Make YBBN-KLAX?

Can a 777-300(ER)
Carry enough fuel to do a flight from Brisbane To Lax? Or do I need a 747 or A380 because I want to do it in a 777 but I don’t wanna crash lol

Yes, a 777-300er can make it to LAX from BNE. Virgin Australia does it in real life if you look at their website or flightradar24.

Thanks just making sure because sometimes I try doing one off of FR24 and I run out of fuel,my engines stop,I stall,do a bunch of flips,dive into the mountains and kill everyone on board but it’s good to know that everyone will survive! ( promises

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I think you also gotta do step climbing to hopefully get there and fly at odd altitudes (FL350, FL370, etc, etc) And make sure you have a lot of fuel, I always put a lot of fuel in if need to divert or unsure if I am going to make it to my destination

I will thank you for that advice! You have been very helpful.
See you in the skys!

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You can also check out which will make accurate fuel calculations and step climbing for any flight.


Thank you! Both have you have helped me a lot!

2 Likes has a fuel planner and a flight planner… it’s perfect