Can 747 analog avionics be converted into modern avionics?

Just a question as the 747-100,-200,-300 and SP have analog so can they be converted into modern ones or not?If yes then then where and for how much?

I’m sure they can, it’ll just be very costly.

Here’s a Boeing E-4B (based off the 747-200B) with upgraded altitude indicator:



But wasn’t that a Military Version?and they just have them airframe and modern Avicions were put in them from start

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It is, but they didn’t use those avionics when it was built in the 1970s. They’ve upgraded them. For the military its worth the investment since its a doomsday plane, but for commercial purposes it isn’t practical to upgrade them.

If you’re still flying a classic 747, you have other costs to worry about too. Its a gas guzzler.


No. They were fitted with analog during assembly. At the same time they were just developing glass cockpits, but analog displays were more reliable. Reliability increased in the 1990s, and they began fitting more aircraft with LCD displays around then.

For the E-4B it was outfitted with analog and upgraded to have some LCD displays. The reason you see some analog in the picture I posted is because analog displays are less susceptible to EMP blast from a nuclear device. An electromagnetic pulse will wipe out all your avionics and communications, so as a doomsday plane, its good to stick with analog.

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The real question to ask is whether modern avionics can replace the flight engineer on the 747 classic, but I don’t know too much to answer that question. I’m sure you can upgrade some avionics displays, but to have it become a complete glass cockpit and remove the flight engineer, not too sure.

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We need help of Boeing

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Actually I own but would like to keep its information undisclosed actually I just was thinking to contact Boeing for this as it’s so costly to operate 3-Pilot Crew Plane

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Lol I don’t know. You’ll have to re-wire the whole thing.

Not to mention, theres not that many of them left so I can see it becoming a collectable. Especially the 747SP. If someone owns one, I’d just keep it in factory condition. It’ll be worth a lot more one day.

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Trump’s private 757 has a glass display, so I believe that they can be.

Well he is asking for the 747 not 757

If it can be done to the 75, it probably can be done to the 74.


I think they changed from analog to digital on the 747 SOFIA, so if I remember correctly, it is possible.

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Yes in 2012 They upgraded SOFIA to Glass Cockpit

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Woah, thats a significant upgrade.



The question is why go to the expense of refitting an old 747 classic with a glass cockpit ( that really is what the 744 was anyway). With the number of cycles left on the airframes it would not make economic sense as they can not fly much longer. A better question will be if the 744 can be retrofitted with the engine from the 747-8 to help extend their life’s?


Why spend that money on an old aircraft that wastes a lot of fuel when you can use it towards a new plane?

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757s came with glass displays mixed in with steam.

I suppose it depends on how many cycles its done but remember, its not just a simple add a new engine, you would have to update the system to allow for cross talk between the planes systems and engine systems and also the engine plyons will have to be changed as well as the new engines probably wouldnt fit on the old pylons… all in all, you end with a major reconstruction I would imagine

P.S also considering the costs for new engines, the avionics upgrade sounds much cheaper

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