CamoPlayz517’s Aircraft Drawings


Hello! I’m here to show you some of my best Aircraft Drawings! I will be updating this at least once a day with more drawings, but usually 3 drawings a day :)!

This has been approved by DeerCrusher :)

Please do not request what you want me to draw, request that on “Remade, Suggest A Drawing, Well Make It!” topic, thanks :)


ItsBlitz Drawing Thread

Really good!

I do a bit of drawing myself, and it is really nice to see someone who does the same things…
Keep it up!


Nice drawings! I do feel like it would be best suited if you posted them on here though:

Whatever you feel best you do. Just a recommendation. :)


@DeerCrusher allowed me to make my own post :)


Awesome! Sorry for not reading that bottom half. Keep up the amazing drawings!


Nice Drawings! I really like them, i suggest you add them to the already famous thread, Linked by @Delta_Alpha_Lima. Keep it up!


It’s totally fine, and thank you very much!


Allowed this thread because these are drawings of his own that he does in his free time. This is different than that of the “Suggest any aircraft…” topic as that is seeking suggestions from the community. This topic is not. Hence my approval. There are other topics right now very similar to this topic as we speak. 🙂


I bet @TheOrca_YT would enjoy Shamu :)


Oh yeah I Love Shamu a lot ❤️❤️❤️


Like I’m seeing it right now on the last pic 😂😍❤️


Hahaha, Shamu was one of my favorites to draw :)


I added this, Enjoy all Australian users :)


Wow! Not bad at all! Keep these masterpieces up! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


My Three New Ones And Will Be the Last Ones for Today/Night (March 29th)


Confirmed look noice and look like the one requested in the community


Oh my. Lot of dots on that Qantas :)


I couldn’t really place the dots in the exact position because it would prob take 45 minutes more, so I just put the dots in patches like how they are on the real Livery :)


That’s because it is the requested Yam Dreaming, it looked nice so I drew it, turned out pretty well 8.5/10


It’s great regardless. Good job