[Cameron_Stone Has Won!] The IFC Spotting Competition of the Millennia

The Spotting Competition of the Millennia

Inspired by @Moritz after he got inspired by my original competition between me and him, by “inspired” I mean I basically copied the layout his Spotting Competition of the Century thread. I decided, why not create civil war in the community by challenging the entire freaking IFC to submit their photos and battle it to the death… with photos again. I really want to see what IFC has to offer and essentially create a March Madness of plane spotting.

You may be wondering, Mattheus, how will we make even matches. Well. Each round (AKA each step of the bracket) will have a theme. The themes go in this order:

1. Starting Round (Enterance Competition): Normal airliners.
2. Quarter-Finalists (Second Round): Rare Catches/Special Aircraft.
3. Semi-Finalists (Third Round): GA or General Av (Did not want to leave them out)
4. Finalists (Two People): BIG BOIS (Three Engines or More) (The Beluga and other things like that are exempt and can be included)

How will we determine who will move on?

Simple, we let the community decide. Pick the photo you like more, or think is better.

People competing in the competition, you cannot vote. Please handle this like a trust bucket or a system like that as it is hard to enforce. If I find out you did, I will disqualify you and fill your position with a different person.

How do you submit? Simple, PM me your photo of a normal airliner. The first 16 will get in. If you make it past the initial round, I will PM you asking for the next picture of the theme. Simple as that.

What will you win? Bragging rights, sorry its nothing greater. I am a broke 14-year-old, I may send you a nice card of your picture if you win.

Here is the current bracket:
We are now in the Semi Finals! And we are ready to roll! Voting will start soon! Good luck everyone! May the best spotter win!✈️📸


I’ll get in this :)

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Ill get in it aswell

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When do submissions end? What’s a Baluga?

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Submissions end when I get 15 people. There are about 12 openings left.

Typo. I meant beluga.


Man I would join but I don’t have any special liveries :/
All I have is an Icelandair 737 MAX

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I switched the category to special aircraft/rare spots. You can join if you want to.


Can I use some of my older spotting photos if I were to participate?

You can use any photo you wish!

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Done! Can I get a spot?

PM me with you submission.


Alright may I join?

PM @Mattheus with your submission.

Six spaces left!


When will the voting commence?

I’m assuming whenever we get enough participants.

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I’ll join I guess, got a few photos up my sleeve 😉

I would hop in, but unfortunately where I’m at, we don’t get many fighters, or much with 3+ engines. Very hard to catch, so RIP, I’m excited to see how this pans out though…

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I’ll try this out

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@Mattheus can I use my friends photos, with his permission?

If yes,I’m in
Also @Mattheus a GA round would be nice (I have over 200 GA pics)

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