Cameron_McDermott's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ YPPH

Hi everyone is anyone able to YPPH training server 1 I’m practicing my ATC skills! I just opened

IF name is IG-Sydneyaerospotter

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Hey, sounds like a fun time! However, could you include your NOTAM (runways, etc.)?

What do you mean notams?

It’s basically details for anyone attending. The NOTAM can include runways you’re using for departure and landing, current winds, size restrictions, whether or not you’re accepting pattern work, etc.

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Runways: 03 and 06 for departures/arrivals
Pattern work allowed
Winds: 090 at 9knots

Great Job Cameron. I have a couple things to point out.

  • once cleared for takeoff with right traffic, there is no need to clear for option with traffic direction everytime. Unless you are requestion change of rwy or traffic direction.

  • Transition was given @ 4000. Airport elevation +1500 (for pattern traffic) + 1000( vertical separation) would have made transtion altitude 2600… so a 3000 would suffice.

Other than that you did an excellent job. Get used to using intersecting rwys also. Keep up the good controlling! And thank you for the services

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Hey thanks for joining!

Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t really under stand transition that much.

what do you mean about using intersecting rwys.

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Rwys that cross eachother. Could have had me stay on rwy 3 and the other using 6. Transitions are just aircrafts moving through the airspace. Just remember to add 2500 ft to the airport elevation. If elevation is 3000 ft then 3000+2500 would be Transition approved @ 5500

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How do you find the elevation of the airport?

You can just tap on the airport and it will say the ICAO code, weather, and airport elevation.

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