Camera with G Forces

Hey guys! I fly the 747 and the CRJ a lot, and noticed that something was missing on the new CRJ’s: the feature where the cockpit camera showed g forces.

Here is a demo:
EDIT: iOS screen recordings don’t upload btw
(Just do a hard landing and you will see what I mean)

So here is a question for the experts, why was this removed? Was this an unwanted feature or was it leafy out to make peremformance better?

Thanks for reading my concern!


I wasn’t aware that the cameras had a g-force effect? I don’t know if what your experiencing was a g-force. Possibly a small bug.

No the 747 cockpit view does not have a bug, try landing on the 747-200 and you will see

I think I know what your talking about. When the camera kinda shakes but I think that’s due to the camera trying to center the cockpit on landing. I don’t think it’s g-force thing.

No I don’t thinks it’s that…

The camera in cockpit view is affected by g force. I notice it quite often in the F-22. It might be harder to notice in an airliner because the flying style is different.

But there is absolutely none in the CRJ but a lot in a 747

Can someone explain in what way the camera is impacted?

Does it move?
Does it shake?
Does it bounce when landing hard?

I think it could just be an older camera design that is more sensitive or something along those lines.


When you land or pull up or down hard then the camera shows as if we were sitting in the cockpit and moves up and down

Here’s the best visual representation I can show you, around 1G…



I can’t get a good one of the landing, but I think you get the picture. If you do a loopte loop it is really obvious…

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@Delta350 @Chris_S

I know what you mean. For example, if you land quite heavily, the cockpit moves up relative to the camera viewpoint, giving the impression that the seat/person’s head is continuing to move towards the ground. This gives the impression that the ‘camera’ has momentum.

It also happens in flight, but is much harder to notice. A ‘heqvy landing’ is the best example.

I’ve also noticed it in the A320s, B787s and the A380 far, along with the aforementioned 747s and F-22.

Note: you will only notice this in the virtual cockpit.

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Yes, but the question is why this is not in the CrJ

I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise it wasn’t on the CRJs… Mind you, I’ve only done a couple of flights with them (literally 3 or 4 flights), so haven’t given them much attention

I think we should get an official response from the mods or staff


i guess what you are telling is like the perspective changes. like the seat pushes down and cockpit hight is increased. as if pilot is pushed down due to g forces. I barely land in cockpit view. will try once if i can see anything. you said 747-200 right. will keep it at max landing weight. hope i could find out something.

Yeah I know what you mean. I flew the CRJ a couple times into Aspen (ASE) and since it is such a steep approach I didn’t time the flare right either time and planted it it. It didn’t feel firm though, like when I screw up with literally any plane because nothing moved, but I just blamed that on the suspension. But then I realized I could still feel it on the reworked A320 and I got confused. Now I know there is actually a something missing lol. Hopefully we can get this figured out.

Any answers mods? Or was this discussed during beta testing and removed?

Considering that you shouldnt be pulling any Gs in any of these commercial jets not really important.

Thats like saying hiw opening the doirs aint important cause there are no passngeres

Especially during landing there is a cool effect

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If you are getting the G force effect on landing you arent landing properly. My point still stands you shouldnt be getting or trying to get this effect in an airliner you you are you are not flying the aircraft correctly. Thus no purpose to having it.