Camera view on Cessna 172

I love flying infinite flight to practice around with a cessna 172 since I can use foreflight in my tablet. It is just so realistic since the weather and everything is from real live… but I think that when you are actually sited in a cessna 172 you always got to see the nose of the airplane… that way is easier when flying VFR on a beautiful day and to practice landings. IF should add the view on seeing the nose of the aircraft from the PIC sit. It’s already a view but right in the middle! Think of it. it would be great to practice landings and procedures without using the HUD. In my opinion is crucial to be able to see the nose in these type of GA aircraft.

I think this is what you’re looking for:


Definitely, I don’t know how it is in real life but I can’t follow close visual reference above 2000ft AGL.

I wish we could have a higher cockpit cam like in the A-10 for example

Not needed to change it a lot, just a bit of head down and we see instruments.

What would be nice

Current one


how did you do that ?

I used the free cam, that’s why I’m on ground

But you see, I can see like the second picture

What do you mean?

The current view makes it hard to see the ground.
I’m bad at distances but when you look down the nose you don’t see until 20km or so ahead from 4000agl

I’m like 5ft4 so that’s why.

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Oh you meant in real life? Then it makes sense why the view is at it is.

I’m of average size so I guess the C172 is as real as it gets.

Yes sorry I should have said irl

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oh yeah I see… that’s what i’m taking about. that would be the perfect view for the cessna 172.

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Hi there!
The reason the devs did not do this is because it is incredibly hard to see the instruments, its a great feature and I love that angle so I can see the runway better… But I just don’t know how excepted it will be!
Happy Flying :D

I suggested we could have multiple views like in the A-10

It’s always okay to add than remove

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I don’t think is hard to see the instruments… but yeah I think this feature is needed to see the runway better when doing the flare for example